So you're ready to schedule your one-on-one?
Excellent! Before you do, please watch the short video above on the benefits to signing up for a QuickStart membership over starting with a Free Coaching Session so you can choose the best one for you.
QuickStart Benefit #1 - TIME
Due to high demand, we are booked out 7-8 months for our Free Coaching Sessions. This is because Matt can only do so many calls a day and we also have a limit on the number of Free calls per day. If you don't want to change the way you're banking right now and you can afford to wait, then the free session may be right for you. But, if you do want to get started right away, if you do not want to spend another 7-8 months banking improperly, then QuickStart is the best option for you.
QuickStart Benefit #2 - MONEY
Not only do you stand to save money by starting to bank and borrow the right way sooner, but we offer our largest discount to our QuickStart members. That's right, QuickStart members get up to 45% off just by signing up as a QuickStart full pay member.  We also offer payment plan options, which receive a 30% discount if done as a QuickStart!
QuickStart Benefit #3 - RISK FREE
So we get it, you may prefer to sign up for a free session first to check and see if VIP is a good fit for you. Well we look at it the same way when it comes to our paid members, which is why we offer a money back guarantee to those that sign up and determine that VIP is not a good fit for them. There is no risk to you if you choose to QuickStart - you actually risk more by going through the free session first because you miss out on the QuickStart discount!
Not sure which option is right for you? Have any questions relating to the VIP Coaching Membership? Contact us toll free at 866-969-2738 or email us at:
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